the great escape

I look around and eye the **exit** my great escape, the red flashing sign, the word EXIT, written up, loud and clear, I eye it. And I make a run for it. The two hosts grab me before I even take a step, each with one arm locked into mine, they **crack a joke** about me, the audience laughs. They hand me a metal statuette, I hold it --the heaviest thing I’ve ever held on to-- it falls through the stage, through the wooden floor, with me holding tightly onto it, through and through. “Ladies and gentlemen we just witnessed **a great escape** for the first time in the history of this event, has the winner escaped in such a dramatic fashion, and without giving a speech either.”

Sunday, May 29

Turning On .. Tuning In

So I've been sloppy about posting again.. but I have a good excuse! I was caught with finals at the end of the semester right? and I was just too swamped writing all sorts of stuff for school that I couldn't concentrate on coming up with good nonsense to blurt out here. That doesn't mean that I haven't had nonsensical ideas.. Oh I get ideas all the time.. trust me its not a case of writers block (no siree! I trust myself, don't you?) In fact, a few months ago when I  slacked off the last time I gave a list of so-called coming attractions.. which sadly was a mandate I unfortunately could not come to par with:
apart from some posting some previously written material, topics i'll be exploring include:**the lotta/toilet paper litmus/acid test: how to measure how desi you really are****something on the halal/haram toleration of interest in financial systems of Islamic republics****something about how liberalism sucks as a political discourse and how i hate being called a "liberal" (yukh!)****other goodies that i can't think of right now but they're there in the back of my head or my hard-drive i promise!

**so stay tuned..  Stay tuned.. my ass! None of the above three and a half topics did I broach after posting up older material.. and other goodies.. **wooh** yeah right! So since I have such a horrible backlog, here's what I'm going to do. Coagulation is a skill that I have honed over the past and utilize it precisely when I find myself in jams like this one so.. here goes.. the next blog I post is going to be a **mash-up** of all three ideas glued and fused into each other in strange ways...

So this is to announce that I will soon present to you an Haram/Halal Usury/Profit Lotta/Toilet-Paper Litmus/Acid-Test Blog About Why Liberalism Sucks!

... Wait.. did I just say all that? That's a mouth-full isn't it? Try saying it dragging each syllable a little and you'll see.. the.. Ha-ra-m/Ha-la-l U-s-u-ry/Pr-of-it Lo-tta/T-o-il-et-Pa-pe-r Lit-mus/A-cid-T-es-t B-lo-g A-bo-u-t W-h-y Lib-er-al-is-m S-uc-k-s! Wow thats a lot of syllables  .. phew.. but more than the syllables.. what kind of monstrosity will this absurd topic .. how can I even think of writing about this? How can I.. How can.. How.. how...

**To Be Continued**

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