the great escape

I look around and eye the **exit** my great escape, the red flashing sign, the word EXIT, written up, loud and clear, I eye it. And I make a run for it. The two hosts grab me before I even take a step, each with one arm locked into mine, they **crack a joke** about me, the audience laughs. They hand me a metal statuette, I hold it --the heaviest thing I’ve ever held on to-- it falls through the stage, through the wooden floor, with me holding tightly onto it, through and through. “Ladies and gentlemen we just witnessed **a great escape** for the first time in the history of this event, has the winner escaped in such a dramatic fashion, and without giving a speech either.”

Friday, April 16

Two Poems

The By-Election

Hear-ye! Hear-ye!
Extra! Extra!
The news is out there
for all to wear
like a sweaty revelation
an almost sudden realization
like a seething ejaculation:
La-dies and Gen-ital-men!
..Satan has won.. 
the by-election!
a land slide ride
to cease all authority
with an absolute majority
in a silent auction..
all the blue votes lay
ratteling in a red box. 
 Prophets and pundits
complain and speculate
arch-angles resign enmass
in a flush of roaring outrage!
Campaign groupies celebrate
and decorate the stage
as God auto-self-destructs
imploding in an aweful bout 
of ironically vainful vain
and eternal emphatic shame..

Joining us today..
Live! from J-Day..
our Correspondent:
"Thank you transpondent,
the jury is out today
and faithful all despondent
as the Lord quips
in a short-but-sweet
victory speech,
'Wh-at is tha po-int
of staging a battle
of Goood v. Ev-il?
Wh-a-t is the poi-nt!?
of right, wrong, pleasure, and sin
if bo-oring were always to win??'
Crowd bursts out into laughter,
masses cheer in vileful rapture... 
- texts to be subjugated
- commandments subverted
- values all inverted
- new clauses to be insterted
- all apostles terminated
- the obedient excommunicated
- scoundrels to be cannonized
- and faithful all deamonized 
Parliment and cabintets 
lay dead and disolved
as a new day has dawned
another old chapter 
finally re-opened
and politikal future
has changed forever
history to be rewritten
and repeatedly overwritten,
with bottles of red ink,
provided by our sponsor,
and major campaign funder,
The Everlasting Ink Drink..
Your correspondent,
reporting live, today
from the scene at J-Day..
Back to you Transpondent?"

Stay tuned now,
and hang around
for a fresh round
of devlishly seductive,
and completley addictive
refreshing and entertaining
**A Mellenia-Long Commercial-Break**
inducing you to buy more
of all the stuff 
we've sold you before
followed (if you survive)
by Larry King Live!
where joining us
is a pannel of experts
of Good-Bad, Good-Evil,
welcoming you all to 
this fair festival called "Hell"
with an engaging discussion 
on the future of Divinity
for the rest of eternity...
Thank you for staying and watching,
and don't even think of switching
...this is of course...
Your One And Only Source
of News, Views, and Information
--Your Favorite Transmission--
--On All of Hell-a-Vision--

in this
and completely
mass of the prevalent,
ever-slow lengthening of the
s h a d o w  o f   t h e   f u t u r e
further into that eternal dusk of days
days, brutal, senseless days to come forever...

Grips your gaze as it succumbs to that mouth
of the cave of the old man of the mountain--
mouth-wide-open in awe-gripping-encaptivation
flashes of debaucherous pleasures of all flavors
allure of that sinful pit of all those lesser gods
gaping deep into the realm of the fantastical
in a haze of smoke, the eternity of the moment  
careless words softly whispered into the mind
always around to envelop entice and remind
deceptive embraces of bodily fragrances--
memory-flashbacks from countless unlived lives 
switch it on with a smile
live a little, breathe a little
The blue flame of life blinks on in a flash of all colors!
The box sits and emits.. an absurd pandemonium
transmissions of wavelengths, and frequencies
tuning in and out of each other, streaming
into the mass of nerves inside my head
coming together in images, sounds
-- immediately recognizable
shapes and syllables --
deep into the voids of
of imagery woven through
words, words draped in images
brilliant visages of endless carnage
having to want -salacious--dreaming-
wanting to have and wanting some more.
mindless impulses filled with carnal cravings
broadcast LIVE from the gutters of man-made filth..
seeping deeper and deeper into the layers of thought. 

Numbs the body, numbs the mind, gobbled in haste
and swallowed down, the chains of endless excess
rung-by-rung, blood-sweat-toil-sweat-blood-toil--
all the fetters of bleeding-killing-sweating-drilling
excreting out my remains and all else that is left-
all gulped up, washed down with a sweet flood of oil 
a synapses suddenly snaps
an axon cracks open
"You were waiting for this all along, weren't you?"
slip into me now.. a slip of the mind like a slip of
the donge... slide into me.. deep down into me
so I can be torn apart and be bled away utterly
in peace, because the lights are out and I am 
sweating beads that trickle down the lids and
sting my eyes. I am only alive, I will leave politely...  
I promise. Just wait a while, let the mahogany
night fill up within me, and all around me..
(only a meager part of it), simply able to
completely be drowned in perception
awe-stricken in its entirety
appreciating all of it
as it ever-so-slowly
all of